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SEHGAL Automatic Laminated Tube Filling Machine with Sealing, Cutting & Batch Coding - GMP Model


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SEHGAL Automatic Laminated Tube Filling Machine with Sealing, Cutting & Batch Coding - GMP Model

SEHGAL Automatic Laminated Tube Filling Machine with Sealing, Cutting & Batch Coding - GMP Model

Compact. Versatile and enclosed in stainless steel elegantly matt finish body with all contact parts made of S.S.304 / S.S. 316 quality.

Salient Features:

  • Automatic high speed operation with 12 stations compact rotar.
  • GMP model with all contact parts of S.S. 304 quality
  • Suitable to fill from 5 gm to 50 gm & 50 gm to 250 gm.
  • With no tube - no filling device, with a bottom upwards filling system and accuracy +/ - 0.1%.
  • Tube height 90-200mm and diameter of 16-50mm

Technical Specifications:

  • Filling Station: Single head jacketed hopper provided with cut off valve which is connected to the filling cylinder with capacity adjustment facility. The delivery nozzle has pneumatic cut off system to avoid dripping.
  • Sealing System: It has a sealing station and a pre-heating station.
  • Heating Station: 2 no. of 200 KW heaters with temperature controller is provided to heat the sealing area of tube.
  • Sealing Station: It is pneumatically operated and the tube is sealed with special jaws. At this station batch coding is done.
  • Trimming Station: Uneven end is trimmed.
  • Batch-Coding Station: Sealing station does batch coding.
  • Ejection: The tubes are automatically ejected at this point.
  • Overall Dimensions: 1020mm (L) x 770mm (W) x 1830mm (H)

SEHGAL Planetary Mixer


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Sehgal Planetary Mixer

 Planetary Mixer

  1. For paste, cream, ointment mixing.

  2. Jacketed vessel for heating or cooling during mixing.

  3. Also available in vaccuum condition.

  4. Capacity from 50 ltr. to 200 ltrs.

Paste Kettle


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Paste Kettle

  • Jacket for heating Element as a part of kettle.
  • External Jacket for insulation as an option.
  • Heating by electric Heaters or via Steam (as required)
  • Driven via Geared motor mounted on Top.
  • Anchor Type Impeller design for proper mixing of Paste.
  • Made out of S.S.304 or S.S.316 quality. (as required)
  • Complete kettle is fitted on S.S.Stand with Mechanical Tilting Arrangement.
  • S.S.Panel box fitted on S.S.Stand for running the Stirrer.

Foot Operated All Purpose Filling Machine


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Foot Operated All Purpose Filling Machine

Foot Operated All Purpose Filling Machine

The machine is mounted on angle frame. The hopper fitted to machine is 15 Ltr./kg capacity with filling cylinder, nozzle all made from St. Steel – 304 quality. The base plate on which filled container rest, is cladded with stainless sheet. The machine is suitable for filling 5 ml/gm to 50ml/gm range, for all types of liquids/semi-solids, creams pasts, inks in tubes, jars cans and bottles etc. Complete in all respect.

- Filling speed: 10 to 12 tubes or containers per minute.

- Specification: As above - but fitted with 30ml to 125 ml
filling cylinder and hopper of 22 ltr. capacity.

- Extra liquid filling nozzle 5 ml -125 ml capacity.

- Extra semi-solid filling nozzle for jars / tubes.

G.M.P. Model: M.S Body of the machine cladded with St. Steel sheet.


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Semi Automatic All-Purpose Filling Machine(Single Head Filling)

 Semi Automatic All - Purpose Filling Machine - Single Head Filling

  1. Multi purpose filling machine for filling of any kind of products to any type of container / tube.
  2. Interchangeable filling heads for creams / liquids.
  3. Filling speed of 16 to 20 counts per minute/single stroke.



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Sehgal Tube Sealing Machine


  1. Hand operated with hardened jaws.

  2. Arrangement for embossing batch no. on tubes.

  3. Words set - hard steel made (0-9) for Tube Crimping Machine.

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