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Paste Kettle


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Paste Kettle

  • Jacket for heating Element as a part of kettle.
  • External Jacket for insulation as an option.
  • Heating by electric Heaters or via Steam (as required)
  • Driven via Geared motor mounted on Top.
  • Anchor Type Impeller design for proper mixing of Paste.
  • Made out of S.S.304 or S.S.316 quality. (as required)
  • Complete kettle is fitted on S.S.Stand with Mechanical Tilting Arrangement.
  • S.S.Panel box fitted on S.S.Stand for running the Stirrer.

Transfer Pump


Transfer Pump

Transfer Pump

Transfer Pump: for trasfering liquid/syrups from one place to another.
Model: available in gear pump, centrifugal pump & Loob Pump.

Turn Table Scrambler & Un-scrambler


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Turn Table Scrambler & Un-scrambler

Turn Table Scrambler & Un-scrambler


Stainless steel scrambler and unscrambler, which is familiar as turn table. This is built on s. s. square frame, solid guide rail and reduction gear box for jerk less and noiseless performance. Turntable is useful to ensure total synchronization, uniform flow of container and to take a turn at 90 degree to suit different machine and purpose in automatic liquid line.

Construction AISI S.S. 304 Quality

• Height adjustable 800 mm + 50 mm
• Suitable for different type of container
• S.S. Elegantly Matt finished body.
• Speed Variable Step pulley System.


Electrical supply : 3 phase + Neutral + Earthing

Electrical load: 1.0 KW

Stainless Steel Slat Conveyor


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Stainless Steel Slat Conveyor

Stainless Steel Slat Conveyor

We are engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of stainless steel slat conveyors that are suitable for conveying regular shaped container. Available in standard & GMP model, these conveyors are known for consistent performance, durability and low maintenance. These slat conveyors are provided with geared motor of 0.5 HP upwards depending upon the length and application.


  1. Available in different sizes : 4" or 6" wide and any length with SS or Derlin slat mounted on MS/ SS frames with adjustable guide rails
  2. Fixed speed or with variable speed (Optional)

Packing Conveyor Belt


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Packing Conveyer Belt

Packing Conveyer Belt

"Routine Model"

Compete in all respects, designed for packaging/transportation operations of the inspected strips, cartons packs, etc. with 9-inch width superior quality, P.V.C coated belt at the center, having 12-inch width s.s. top working table on both sides of the conveyor belt, driven with 1 HP / 3 phase elec. motor, reduction gear, DOL starter and roller, with MS pipe legs, height adjustable between 30” to 36”. Total length of conveyor tablet is 10-ft machine.

“G.M.P. Model"

M.S Body of the machine cladded with St. Steel sheet


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Semi Automatic All-Purpose Filling Machine(Single Head Filling)

 Semi Automatic All - Purpose Filling Machine - Single Head Filling

  1. Multi purpose filling machine for filling of any kind of products to any type of container / tube.
  2. Interchangeable filling heads for creams / liquids.
  3. Filling speed of 16 to 20 counts per minute/single stroke.

Foot Operated All Purpose Filling Machine


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Foot Operated All Purpose Filling Machine

Foot Operated All Purpose Filling Machine

The machine is mounted on angle frame. The hopper fitted to machine is 15 Ltr./kg capacity with filling cylinder, nozzle all made from St. Steel – 304 quality. The base plate on which filled container rest, is cladded with stainless sheet. The machine is suitable for filling 5 ml/gm to 50ml/gm range, for all types of liquids/semi-solids, creams pasts, inks in tubes, jars cans and bottles etc. Complete in all respect.

- Filling speed: 10 to 12 tubes or containers per minute.

- Specification: As above - but fitted with 30ml to 125 ml
filling cylinder and hopper of 22 ltr. capacity.

- Extra liquid filling nozzle 5 ml -125 ml capacity.

- Extra semi-solid filling nozzle for jars / tubes.

G.M.P. Model: M.S Body of the machine cladded with St. Steel sheet.

SEHGAL Automatic 4 Head Bottle Filling & Capping Machine - GMP Model


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SEHGAL Automatic 4 Head Bottle Filling &amp; Capping Machine - GMP Model

SEHGAL Automatic 4 Head Bottle Filling & Capping Machine - GMP Model

Automatic bottle liquid filling machine works on the volumetric principle with driving nozzles.

Salient Features:

  • 10 feet x 3” S.S.304 slat conveyor attached with 30” dia. turn table.
  • S.S.304 elegantly matt finished bodies.
  • Reciprocating filling nozzle with self centering device to avoid foaming.  No container no filling and no capping system. 
  • Fill accuracy of ± 1% in single dose.
  • Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.
  • Filling and sealing covered by acrylic sheet.

Technical Specifications:
Capacity : 4 head, 30 – 500 ml.
Output : 50 to 60 bottles/minute
Motor : 0.5 HP with VFD for Turn Table
: 0.5 HP with VFD for Conveyor
: 1 HP with VFD for Filling
: 1 HP with VFD for Capping

G.M.P. Model: M.S Body of the machine cladded with St. Steel sheet.

Bottle Washing Machine


Bottle Washing Machine

 Bottle Washing Machine

  • Brushing, rinsing & soaking of bottles & vials.
  • Ideal for cleaning different sizes & shapes of bottles.
  • Driven by 1/4 H.P. single phase motor.
  • Available in 2 brushing heads, 12 rinser & soaking tank.

High Speed Dissolver & Stirrer Machine


 High Speed Dissolver & Stirrer Machine

  • For dissolving & mixing of syrup, suspension & emulsion.
  • Blades designed according to the nature of the product.
  • Mechanical height adjustment & variable speeds.

Containers and Drums





 Container and Drums

 We provide a compact range of Steel Containers and Drums manufactured from  finest quality steel in diverse sizes and capacities.

SEHGAL Colloid Mill


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Sehgal Colloid Mill

Colloid Mill

  1. Suitable for grinding, mixing homogenizing, emulsifying dispersing etc.

  2. Available in plain & jacketed models.

SEHGAL R.O.P.P. Capping Machine


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Sehgal R.O.P.P Capping Machine

 R.O.P.P. Capping Machine

  1. Roller type.

  2. Hand operated & motorized models.

  3. With dies of 22/25/28 mm dia.

  4. Available for vial sealing also.

SEHGAL Slow Speed Stirrer


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Sehgal Stirrer

  Slow Speed Stirrer

  1. Fixed shaft or angle adjustable shaft.

  2. High, medium, slow speed, single speed or geared models.

  3. Unit available in 0.5 to 10 H.P.

Homogenizers / Emulsifiers


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Sehgal Homogenizers / Emulsifiers

  Homogenizers / Emulsifiers

  1. Used for the preparation of suspension & emulsion liquids etc.

  2. S.S. cage shaft homogenize type flanges & emulsifying cup with perforated ring.

  3. Mechanical height adjustment.

  4. Sizes available from 0.5 to 10 hp.

S.S. Horizontal Filter Press


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S.S. Horizontal Filter Press

S.S. Horizontal Filter Press

  1. Suitable to filter all types of liquids such as pharmaceutical, Beverages, Liquors, Syrups, etc.

  2. With gear or centrifugal transfer pump.

  3. Mounted on S.S. Trolley with castors.

  4. Size available of 8", 14" & 18" dia plates in 6/8/10 nos.

S.S. Mixing/Storage Tank


S.S. Mixing Storage Tanks


S.S. Mixing Storage Tanks

  1. Highly polished mirror finish.

  2. Trolley with castors.

  3. Also available patila, kadai, jacketed vessels etc.

  4. Capacity 50 ltrs. to 3000 ltrs.

SEHGAL Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine

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Sehgal Volumetric Liquid Filing Machine

  Volumetric Liquid Filling Machine

  1. For Filling any kind of Liquids in very type of containers.

  2. With single, double and four filling heads.

  3. Positive displacements filling pumps with accuracy of +/ - 1%

  4. Different volume ranges from 30 ml. to 550 ml.

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